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ECOBELT Manure Drying Systems

ECOBELT Manure Drying Systems
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Manure Drying Systems  


Manurebelto to collect dispose of the manure in the barn and free-range egg poulry house.


Nowadays investments concerning manurebelts fort he collecting and disposal of the manure in the shed are on the increase. Besides the obvious help the belt offers, with its help it might tackel the environmental problems of barnsystems, layer-hen-and A frame sheds.

Usually it is very diffult to gain Access to the places they are used at, so maintenance or repair jobs give really trouble. Therefore the Ecobelt structure is well-considered and ultra solid, repair jobs and maintenance are reduced to a minimum. At the same time it guarantes a long life.

In comparison to clean belt laying cage sheeds, the environment of these belts is usually more agressive, so we have choosen here to select much more solid material than usually is needed.

In most of the cases these equipments are placed apart, so high stability of the structure is simply necessary.

The manure should not fall down. When the equipment is placed at the right position and is used in a proper way, the falling down of the manure will, -as it is also the case in the Ecoplus clean belt cage and Rijvolie system-, be reduced to a minimum. Its structure is not placed “into the manure” and the-refore the cleansing and cleaning work will be reduced to a minimum as well.

They should not give shelter to any vermin. Because of the open structure of the Ecobelt.

The driving gear and the tensioning system are derived from the Ecoplus cages. The major advantages of this driving gear are:

Excellent frictional contact at the manure belt because of the big driving-and strangler rollers. A longest possible life is guaranteed bacause of these rubber vulcanised rollers.

An important feature of the tensioning system:

In case of a PP-belt it is necessary to stretch and slacken it a few times per year. The Ecobelt is fitted with a quick ten-sioning device allowing to do job without deranging the straight on turning of the manure belt.

The manure dryer system :

In order to reduce the emission of ammonia, it is necessary to remove the manure once every da yor to install an aeration system. The aeration tubes can be installed either widthwise or lengthwise of the belt, depending on the situation of the shed.



Because you want to have the most dry manure against the lowest costs...

The Perfo-tunnel is a second generation tunnel drier.
-First generation tunnel driers dry the manure by blowing air over the manure.
-Second generation tunnel driers, dry the manure by blowing air through the manure.

The manure drying using a Rijvers' perfo-tunnel guarantees superior drying results compared with traditional drying systems. The perfo-tunnel can be used as a stand-alone manure-drying system, or as a post-switched drying system as well. The Twin-Flow Perfotunnel is a licenced Rijvers' product. It distinguishes itself by its aeration principle, which is mainly in favour of the maintenance and reliability aspects.

Lowest Cost Manure Drying can be achieved by using the perfo-tunnel as a stand-alone system which removes the need for aeration tubes, and air-mixerboxes. It gives up to 85 to 90% Dry Matter, but in the worst circumstances it achieves in excess of 65% Dry Matter.

Used as a post-switched drying system, (where a simple drying system on the cages gives 45% Dry Matter.) Results in excess of 80% Dry Matter are achieved all the year round. The Perfo-Tunnel is located beside or at the end of each egg laying unit and may be used alongside any make of belt clean cage.

System Operation
The manure is moved to the measure device iat the tunnel by means of a manure belt.
The measure device spreads the manure over the upper belt. This belt moves the manure from one side to the other side of the tunnel., after which the manure turns up at the belt below and will be moved from here further on into the tunnel. The manure belt of this tunnel is perforated. The warm air of the shed is blown through the little holes in the belt directly through the manure. If there is insufficient internal warm air in the shed, external air can be drawn in as well. Usually it takes 2 to 3 days to dry the manure in the tunnel. Then the manure can be transported to a store or container by means of a manure belt or an auger.


Details of Perfotunnel
1 Drive mechanism
2 Reversing device
3 1 dispenser device, mechanicel part weighswitching station underneath the measurebelt, equipped with micro switches
4 Manure dump, maximum height 60 cm.
5 Section


Conditions to the use of a Perfo-Tunnel
Before the manure is taken from the shed to the Perfo-tunnel, a dry substance of 25% to 30% at minimum is required. Manure removal should be daily or at least every other day. We dissuade you from transporting the manure to the tunnel by means of a mortar at the most, for this modifies the structure of the manure, which is harmful to the drying of the manure and proper performance of the perfo-tunnel.

Technical Specifications
Lenght per section : 1,98m. Number of tiers : 2 to 14 Max. Lenght tunnel : 50m.
The overflow warning device is only necessary in the case of a fully automatic manure removal. Supervised daily removal is preferable. Fans in front of the overpressure room of the tunel in a way 2m3 air/h/animal is provided.

Control of the system :
When the manure removal is started, the manure supply and tunnel have to vbe switched on as well. When the dump is completely filled the supply must be stopped and when the dump is empty the tunnel must be stopped. Two switches are fixed at the manure distributor in order to signal full and empty.

Architectural features :
The tunnel has to be set up in the building or in a covered extension in order to protect the tunnel from rain.
The driving unit and tensioner device need to be within easy reach and have to be set up in an insulated room (because of the temperature of the manure belt). Walls of the pressure room (Walls to guide the air current to the tunnel)

Fans with shutters in front of the pressure room
(These fans ought to have a sufficient capacity at a counter-pressure of 50 to 70 Pa.)
A minimum capacity of 30m3/h. of the manure removal auger and discharge belt is required.

Indestructable drive roller (34 Kg) and pressure roller (20 Kg) Because the perfo tunnel is forced to carry heavy loads of manure, the robust design of these rollers is not just a luxury. 


Twin Flow Perfotunnel
At half of the manure belts the air moves downward,through manure. One of benefits of this construction is the lack of a closing underneath every return belt, on which the manure could fall down and stick to it. Expecially tunnels on which non predried manure is handled, may benifit from the particular advantages with regard to its maintenance, for the wet manure does not stick, but falls down automatically on the crossbelt below.
Other advantages :
-Even little manure-and dustparicles falling through the holes, turn up at the manure belt below.
-Better accessibility of the manure belts of the tunnel.



Technical descriptrion of a manure crusher Purpose :
We wish to reduce the size of the manure lumps which are on the conveyor belt of the Perfo tunnel. In a Perfo tunnel dryer the manure is dried by blowing air through a perforated belt and through the manure. The drying of the manure mainly depends on the structure of the substance. Small pulverised manure particles ensures a large surface area to area the manure. This is the most effective way of drying the manure.
In practice bigger manure lumps may occur. These lumps are dried up and hard on the outside. However on the inside they are soft and moist.
In principle the crusher smashes these parts, so the evaporation surface is enlarged and the wet parts come directly into contact with the drying air.


Its function
The enclosed drawing shows the overall idea of the manure crusher. The axle on which the so called stroke chains are fixed rotates at a high speed in the direction as a shown. The lumps will be pulled through the chains several times before they are thrown at the belt below. The crusher will produce the best result whenever the manure is dried on the belts for one day before crushing it. When the cursher is switched off the stroke chains hang down and the manure falls down on the belt below as usual.

Capacity and capacity regulator
Depending on the speed of the belt ande thichness of the manure layer the capacity of the Perfo tunnell can vary from 10 to 35 m3/hour of manure.
The capacity of the crusher depends on: the manure, direction of rotation of the axle (inversed direction of rotation means increased capacity, but decreased crushing) an number of rows of chains fixed at the axle.
In most casess the crusher will be able to treat less manure than a Perfo tunnel and this tunnel will have to comply with the receptivity of the crusher as well. (in case the crusher is overloaded until the receptivity of the crusher will be decreased). We supply a capacity regulator as an option.


Description of a capacity regulator box:
This option only consist of a box measuring the Amperage of the crusher. When the measured Amperage is higher than the adjusted Amperage this box provides a tensionless contact.
This tensionless contact has to be connected to the main control box of the tunnel in order to have all the belts stop whenever connected and have them run again whenever disconnected. A delayed or not simultaneous start of the motors of the Perfo tunnel is not to be desired. In most cases this contact can be connected to the "empty sign" contact of the dosage station of the Perfo tunnel in parallel. This box is not provided with a thermal protection. The crusher has to be protected from overheating. Should this be the case the tunnel has to be fully disconnected. It is possible to connect the thermal protection to an emergency stop contact of the control box to the Perfo tunnel.

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